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Client Charter Achievement 4 - Year 2019 > GIS Data

Jan 07, 2019 - Supply the followings information within seven (7) working days a. Hydrological Data No. Compliance To Time Frame/Client Charter Standard Non-Compliance To Time Frame / Client Charter Standard   Total Number Of Service Given  (Monthly) Numbers Of Compliance To Standard % Percentage Of Compliance To Standard Numbers Of Non-Compliance To Standard %  Percentage On Non-Compliance To Standard Jan 34 100 0 0 34 Feb 21 100 0 0 21 March 36 100 0 0 36 Apr 26 100 0 0 26 May 22 100 0 0 ...
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Bertam - Kepala Batas Flood Mitigation Project

Dec 05, 2016 - Bertam - Kepala Batas Flood Mitigation Project 1.0: Location Northern part of Seberang Prai District in Penang covering the Kepala Batas town, Ladang Bertam, Lahar Ikan Mati and Kg. Tok Bedu. 2.0: Background The northern part of Seberang Perai is fast developing and becoming the center of administration, educational and industrial region. However, it is often affected by floods which normally occured during the monsoon season from April to May and September to November, yearly. The worst floods ...
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MSC Flood Mitigation Project

Dec 05, 2016 - MSC Flood Mitigation Project 1.0: Background The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is an area covering about 15 km in width and 50 km in length. It extends southwards from Kuala Lumpur (KLCC), encompassing the new federal administratrative capital of Putrajaya coordination and implementation, the MSC is subdivided into seven planning areas as outlined below: i) Putrajaya; ii) Airport City; iii) Cyberjaya; iv) Cyber Village; v) Tele-Suburbs; vi) Research and Development Centre; and vii) High - ...
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Sg Perai Flood Mitigation Project

Dec 05, 2016 - Sg Perai Flood Mitigation Project 1.0  Background    RTB Sg. Perai was implemented in RMK-8 and continue in RMK-9. The Sungai Perai catchment has an area 505km2 which comprises 5 tributaries. There are Sg. Kulim, Sg. Jarak, Sg. Kereh, Sg. Pertama/ Derhaka and Sg. Maklom/ Tok Sani. The catchment area at the upstream are hilly and green area. While the downstream of the river are muted and muddy. This is because of rapid development in that area. The frequent flood causes damage ...
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Sg Muda Flood Mitigation Project

Dec 05, 2016 - Sg Muda Flood Mitigation Project   Background Sg. Muda, which is located within the boundary of Kedah and Pulau Pinang with a catchment area of 4,210 km2 and 180 km length begin from Muda Dam and flows across district of Baling, Sik and Kuala Muda. Water supply for agricultural, industrial and domestic sector for both Penang and Kedah is the key role of the river. The catchment often being flooded on the rainy season from April to May and from September to November every year. Many ...
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Batu Jinjang Ponds & Related Diversions

Dec 05, 2016 - Batu Jinjang Ponds & Related Diversions Background  The Klang Valley is the most developed area in Malaysia, especially at the city of Kuala Lumpur. Due to the rapid development and urbanization, flooding problems in the Kuala Lumpur city center have become more frequent and severe. It has been recognized that from the flooding events happened on 26th April 2001 dan 29th October 2001, the Sungai Klang stretch between Tun Perak bridge and Dang Wangi bridge is badly flooded where the ...
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SMART Project

Dec 05, 2016 - SMART Project   Background   Studies conducted in Sungai Klang showed that the confluence of Sg. Klang/Sg. Ampang and Sg. Klang/Sg. Gombak is the most critical and prone to floods. It is further worsened by having a bridge namely the Tun Perak Bridge (near Masjid Jamek) which causes its surrounding areas to be prone to floods as well. This problem could be resolve by having the SMART system which will divert excess stormwater away from the catchment (downstream of Sg. Ampang/Sg. ...
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Flood Mitigation Projects

Dec 05, 2016 - Flood Mitigation Projects   The Drainage & Flood Mitigation Division is responsible in formulating Flood Mitigation Programmes throughout the country.   Nevertheless, this division is also specifically managing several major Flood Mitigation Projects, namely:   'Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel' (SMART) Project 'Batu/Jinjang Ponds & Related Diversions' Project Sungai Muda Flood Mitigation Project Sungai Perai Flood Mitigation Project Multimedia Super ...
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Love Our River Campaign - How to get involved

Dec 05, 2016 - Love Our River Campaign - How to get involved   LOVE OUR RIVER CAMPAIGN - HOW TO GET INVOLVED    The Love Our Rivers Campaign was first launched by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID) in 1993, to educate the public on the importance of rivers and the environment in our lives while consequently highlighting the critical state of pollution faced by our rivers. Malaysia has about 150 major river basins out of which close to 100 are found in the Peninsular, with ...
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River Reserve - How to determine

Dec 05, 2016 - River Reserve - How to determine   GUIDELINE FOR: Pembangunan Melibatkan Sungai dan Rizab Sungai  
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