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Flood Warning Station

Dec 05, 2016 - WATER LEVEL TELEMETRY STATION Sg. Kuantan at Bukit Kenau STICK GAUGE Sg.Pahang at Bandar Pekan, Pahang RAINFALL TELEMETRY STATION MTSAT Geostationary Weather Satellite Receiving Station SIREN
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Coastal Management

Dec 05, 2016 - List of Resources:   Guidelines for Hydraulics Studies Coastal Erosion Protection JPS 1/97  
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River Management

Dec 05, 2016 - RIVER MANAGEMENT Interlocking Modular Erosion Control (MESCO®) for river bank stabilization as shown in Figure 1                                                                                                          ...
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Flood Mitigation

Dec 05, 2016 - *Click on image to view the actual size SMART Tunnel Batu/ Jinjang Pond Barrage RTB Sg. Muda RTB Sg. Perai (Pakej 2) RTB Ng. Sembilan      
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Dec 05, 2016 - Dam Projects No. Project Project Status 1 Project of Raising Timah Tasoh Dam, Perlis (Phase 2): Package 1 - Construction of Western Spillway. (Contract No: JPS/IP/BRE/04/2011) Physical Progress = 100.00%/100.00%  (31/8/2015) Financial Progress = 77.43%/99.19% (31/8/2015) 2 Upgrading Kangar - Padang Besar Road, Lencongan Barat Timah Tasoh Road, Sahabat - Kg Aman Road and All Related Works Under Project of Upgrading Timah Tasoh Dam, Perlis, Phase 2 - Package 3 (Contract No: ...
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Dam Informations

Dec 05, 2016 -   Dam Informations Name of Dam (Year Completed) /Size (L/S)  Location   DAM Reservoir    Hazard  Classifi -cation Purpose Construc -tion  Cost(RM) Type  Height (m) Crest  Length (m)  Crest  Elevation (m)  Catchment Area (sq km) Capacity (mcm) Max. Spillway  Discharge (cumecs) Surface Area (sq.km) Elevation (NPL in m) Timah Tasoh (1992)/L Perlis Earth 17.30(L) 3455(L)  32.0 191   40.0(L)  436  13.33 ...
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Dam Location

Dec 05, 2016 -        
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Dams - Activities

Dec 05, 2016 - JPS presently manages 15 dams located in various states to fulfill the department's role in providing adequate irrigation water, flood mitigation and silt retention. More dams are scheduled for implementation in the future to meet the ever increasing demands and social expectations of the public as the nation strives towards becoming a developed country by the year 2020. A dam project though usually would involved high capital costs generally would have high social and financial returns. ...
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Stormwater Management & Drainage Master Plan Study

Dec 05, 2016 - Objective   Master Plan Study is to minimise the impact of urbanisation on the stormwater environment and to strike a balance between social, economic and environmental concerns to achieve sustainable development. In order to achieve this, the study shall meet the specific objectives of urban stormwater management are as follows;-   To formulate the long term solution for the flooding, drainage and stormwater management problems in the existing built-up areas in order to reduce the ...
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Rainwater Harvesting System

Dec 05, 2016 - Introduction RWH   The direct collection of rainwater from roof and other purpose built catchment, the collection of sheet runoff from man-made ground or natural surface catchments and rock catchments for domestic, industry, agriculture and environment use. The system can be categorized as small, medium and large scale.   Why use RWH?   Utilising an otherwise wasted resource would contribute towards sustainable water resources management especially in cities. Domestic/Industrial ...
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