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Sg Perai Flood Mitigation Project

Sg Perai Flood Mitigation Project

1.0  Background


RTB Sg. Perai was implemented in RMK-8 and continue in RMK-9. The Sungai Perai catchment has an area 505km2 which comprises 5 tributaries. There are Sg. Kulim, Sg. Jarak, Sg. Kereh, Sg. Pertama/ Derhaka and Sg. Maklom/ Tok Sani. The catchment area at the upstream are hilly and green area. While the downstream of the river are muted and muddy. This is because of rapid development in that area. The frequent flood causes damage properties, disruption of life and depreciation values of properties. The project originally created as one project has been divided into 3 packages to facilitate its implementation.


  • Package 1A covers Sg. Pertama/ Derhaka and Sg. Maklom/ Tok Sani (stage 1, 4, 5 & 7).

  • Package 1B covers Sg. Pertama/ Derhaka and Sg. Maklom/ Tok Sani (stage 2, 3 & 6).

  • Package 2 covers Sg. Perai, Sg. Jarak, Sg. Kereh and Sg.Kulim.



2.0   Objectives   


  • To reduce flood problem in that area.

  • To reduce properties damages and increase safety of the residents.

  • To improve social-economic life.


 3.0   Scope of Works   


  • River improvement works including deepening, widening and re-alignment.

  • Construction of bund (traffic and hydraulic bund) on both sides of river bank.

  • Construction and upgrading of sewerage pipe line.

  • Demolished and re-constructed bridges.

  • Upgrading the main structures such as headworks at Sg. Kulim and tidal gate.


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