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Sg Muda Flood Mitigation Project

Sg Muda Flood Mitigation Project



Sg. Muda, which is located within the boundary of Kedah and Pulau Pinang with a catchment area of 4,210 km2 and 180 km length begin from Muda Dam and flows across district of Baling, Sik and Kuala Muda. Water supply for agricultural, industrial and domestic sector for both Penang and Kedah is the key role of the river.

The catchment often being flooded on the rainy season from April to May and from September to November every year. Many problems raised when flood keep on worsening each year (e.g. riverbank erosion, river pollution and reduction of water resources). The flood event which occurred on October 2003 was the worst compared to previous event in 1988, 1995 and 1998.


To reduce flooding events that often occur in it's catchment. Flood threats are caused by several factors, which are;

i) Steep catchment
ii) Inadequate size of river to contain flow (Overflow)
iii) Buildings built on flood prone area

iv) Developments in the catchment provide flood problems at agricultural areas and towns which are near to the river (e.g. Sik, Baling, Kuala Ketil, Jeniang and Pekula) 

v)  Inadequate size of original barrage to flow excess water during flood events. 

vi)  Heavy and continuous rain in the catchment

Scope of Work


Project area which are proposed by JICA encompasses along Sg. Muda and 3 towns are;


i) From Sidam Bridge to river mouth of Sg. Muda (40 km) 

ii) Sg. Muda and Sg. Ketil in town of Kuala Ketil (6km) 

iii) Sg. Ketil in town of Baling (3.6 km)

vi) Sg. Chepir in town of Sik (2km)


Scope of work for Sg. Muda Flood  Mitigation Project are;


i) To deepen and widen river, and to construct bund along Sg. Muda from Sidam Bridge to river mouth of Sg. Muda (40km)

ii) Sg. Muda river mouth improvement work

iii)  Construction of new barrage (15 bay with capacity of 1,400 cumec)

iv)  Construction of new railway bridge

v)  Construction of drainage systems and flood control gate

vi)  Riverbank erosion control 

vi) Relocation and readjustment of public amenities (e.g. pump and water supply pipe, electric and telephone cable,  PWD bridges, irrigation pump and related works) 


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