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SMART Project

SMART Project




Studies conducted in Sungai Klang showed that the confluence of Sg. Klang/Sg. Ampang and Sg. Klang/Sg. Gombak is the most critical and prone to floods. It is further worsened by having a bridge namely the Tun Perak Bridge (near Masjid Jamek) which causes its surrounding areas to be prone to floods as well.

This problem could be resolve by having the SMART system which will divert excess stormwater away from the catchment (downstream of Sg. Ampang/Sg. Klang) through a holding pond, a bypass tunnel and a storage reservoir before it will released back to Sg. Klang downstream.

A portion of the tunnel (about 3 km) will be of dual-usage: stormwater management and road. This portion starts from the Kg. Pandan roundabout and ended at the KL-Seremban Highwaynear the Jalan Istana junction. This will ease traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur ’s southern gateway as in the case of current highway users of the KL-Seremban Highway, the Federal Highway, the BESRAYA Highway and the East-West Link are enjoying their entering into and exiting out of Kuala Lumpur with ease.


  • To solve flood problems in Kuala Lumpur City Center

  • To solve traffic congestion at Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur’s southern gateway.

Scope of Work


The scope of work involved in the SMART Project consists of these main components:-

  • A Bypass Tunnel of 9.7 km in length originating from upstream of the Sg. Klang in Kampung Berembang, Ampang reaching southward and ended in an ex-mining pond in Taman Desa. It has an internal diameter of 11.

  • Apart form the construction of the tunnel, the stormwater management components consist of:

  • The construction of a holding basin in Kg. Berembang, Gombak;

  • The upgrading of an ex-mining pond in Taman Desa as a storage reservoir;

  • The construction of a twin box culvert outlet structure (about 500m in length) from the Taman Desa Pond to Sg. Kerayong;

  • The construction of related control structures.

Upon completion, the ponds and the bypass tunnel will have the capacity to store 3 million cubic meters of flood water.

  • A portion of the tunnel (about 3 km in length) will integrate both flood mitigation (stormwater management) and motorway purposes. This dual-usage portion begins from the Kg. Pandan roundabout and ended at the KL-Seremban Highway near the Jalan Istana junction. The motorway portion of the tunnel comprises of a double-decked carriageway in the tunnel. The ingress & egress to the existing roadway system are connected to Jalan Tun Razak (1.4km) and to the KL-Seremban Highway (1.6km).

  • A flood detection system will be integrated in the SMART system to manage traffic control operation and flood forecasting.


For further information kindly visit Project Office Homepage


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