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Concrete Blocks

Apart from the SAUH described earlier, the Labuan Blocks is another innovative form of coastal protection structure produced by the DID in recent years. The Labuan Blocks, coined after their first installation site, are simple mass concrete blocks designed in-house based on basic principles of material retention, scarp and toe protection. Essentially designed to protect scarps on the backshore (which occasionally occur after major storms), the blocks can be arranged as a low stepped- wall or in the form of slope-faced seawall.

Labuan Blocks are cast insitu and therefore have a relatively low capital cost. They are portable and can be easily transported to any place, thereby reducing the cost of coastal erosion control projects.  Additional modifications in the form of trapezoidal buttons have been introduced to the original smooth-faced design to reduce run-up.

Labuan Blocks as low slope-faced walls at Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang 

The main purpose of the Labuan Blocks is to provide medium term (3-15 years) protection to the backshore area by absorbing wave energy along the dune face. Their application is restricted to the upper part of sandy beaches since they are not sufficiently durable to withstand regular direct wave action. Placed on the upper or backshore, they will tend to trap wind blown sand and allow the growth of vegetation under favourable conditions

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