How often is this site updated?

Changes, updates, and new material are posted to this site daily. However, not every page is updated daily.

Preferred Web Browsers

For optimum performance, it is recommended that to view the JPS site using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. As the site are often updates and developed, we are obligated to keep an eye out for the browser's version. Below we listed the minimun requirement to view our site with: 

Browser Plug-Ins

For the maximum usage of JPS website, we offer services like audio, PDF and videos for all the user of the web. The Following Plug-ins can be downloaded free for the user to enjoy the services provided by our website.

Why does the text look so small/large and how to make it readable?

For some visitors, our Web site may appear to have a different size font than they are used to due to different browser or the ratio size of the monitor. In this case, your Web browser might be configured to display text in a larger or smaller font than normal. To adjust the font size, look for the following W3C icon  to adjust your page option;


* clicking the icon would display as the above image. 



    -    Changing Font Size

*from left to right;

Refresh icon

Left side icon

Middle icon

Right side icon


-    Clicking this icon would reset the page to its initial state. 

-    Clicking this icon would reduce the size of text. 

-    Clicking this icon would change the text back to the default size.

-    Clicking this icould would increase the size of the text. 

alt    -    Changing Font Color

  • * from left to right;

  • red text

  • green text

  • blue text

  • yellow text

  • black text

  • white text


-    This would change the text color to red.

-    This would change the text color to green.

-    This would change the text color to blue.

-    This would change the text color to yellow.

-    This would change the text color to black.

-    This would change the text color to white.

alt    -    Changing Background Color

*from left to right;

  • red background

  • green background

  • blue background

  • yellow background

  • white background

  • black background

  • background images


-    This icon would change the background to the color  red .

 -    This icon would change the background to the color  green .

-    This icon would change the background to the color  blue .

-    This icon would change the background to the color  yellow .

-    This icon would change the background to the color  white .

-    This icon would change the background to the color  black .

-    This icon would change the background to the image that been chosen.

     -    Changing Font Type

from top to bottom;

  • ABeeZee

  • Abel

  • Abril Fatface

  • Aclonica

  • Acme

  • Actor

  • Adamina

  • and much more...

From the dropdown box, you could change text family font of the website from much of selection in the drop down list.









Ways to download JPS mobile apps

In order to download JPS mobile application, one can simply follow the steps show below. 

  1.  Hover towards the mobile apps icon side menu located on the right on the page (second icon). 
    * Click image to enlarge.

  2. The 2 images beside the QR code (method 1) are clickable and doing so will bring u to the JPS mobile application in their respsctive market. 

  3. There, you would see a QR code and also 2 images beside it. Scanning the QR code (method 2) will redirect you directly towards JPS mobile application either in Google play or App Store depends on the device.

I have suggestions, questions or appreciation, to whom should I relay my message to?

Users can contact us through using the "Contact Us" tab placed at the bottom of the site.
You just need to enter the detail, select a category and verify to send the message to admin.

*Click image to enlarge

How and Where do I Sign Up?

To sign up, you can click this button on the top right of the screen. The following image serve as a pointer for Sign Up location;
You can also click this link to direct to the Sign Up form

*click image to enlarge

It will then direct you to the Registration form, and you will have to fill in all the form detail before submitting.

*click image to enlarge

How do we view the portal in mobile?

* Click image to enlarge

Currently, with responsive design, you can easily view out site with your mobile devices.

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