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Modernization of Office Equipment

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This device is used to measure the area in the plan. To measure it, the device must be rotated clockwise. It will give precise readings when it is used carefully and precisely.
Planimeter Planimeter



This device is used to enlarge or minimise the big plans. At least two person is needed to handle this device to produce an accurate plan.


Stapler Stapler


This stapler is used at Design Section in 1940s.

Survey Equipment Survey Equipment

Survey Equipment


Measuring Tape

This tape is used for measuring works. 


Measuring Tape
Map Measurer




Map Measurer

This device is used to measure the distances in the map.






Library Card System Library Card System

Library Card System

Video Camera

A "Made in Switzerland Paillard Bolex" camera with a tape reel that was used to record the Department's activities in the earlier years. The picture shows the old camera in comparison with a new age digital video camera that can now record Megabytes of video.

Video Camera Video Camera