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Drafting Tools

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Kelok Kayu Kelok Kayu
Wooden Curves
Wooden curve is used to draw a curve other than circle or certain curve before French curve was implemented. It is made of wood and consists of different types of curvature.
Scale Ruler scale ruler
Scale Ruler
This device is used to prepare for an engineering plan.
Stencil Plate Set Stencil Pen Set
Stenciling Plate Set
Stencil is made of letters and numbers. It is used for writing purposes. Stencils came with many sizes depending on the size of the drawing pen. The stenciled letters gave the equal and same in size letters in the plan.
Stenciling Pen Set
These pens are using ink. Their nibs have different sizes between 0.1 mm to 1.2 mm to prepare for drawing or writing. It is also used for stenciling and numbers writing. The sizes used must be appropriate to writing sizes.
Electric Eraser Drafting Pen
Electric Eraser
This device is used to erase the line or ink on tracing paper to avoid the tracing paper from torn.
Drafting Pen Cleaner
This drafting pen cleaner is used stencil inked pen. It is used at Design Section in 1950s.
Technical Drawing Flexi
Technical Drawing Set
All tools in this set have their own usage to produce a plan. For example a compass is used to make a circle and dividers is used to measure the length.
Flexi Curve
Adjustable Set Square  
Set Square