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Mangrove Replanting

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Wave energy reaching typically flat mangrove-fringed coasts is usually low allowing silt sized material to remain at or near the shore. Short fetches and depth limited wave approach directions of mangrove-fringed coasts limit wave energy reaching the shore. In Malaysia, coastal bunds have been built since the 1930’s to protect agriculture land. Mangrove will attenuate and dissipate wave energy before it reaches the coastal bund and the agriculture land within. The objective of mangrove replanting is to maintain or restored the mangrove line and prevent it from retreat. It will also encourage the mangrove line to advance. This can be accomplished by forcing a reduction in wave and current scour in front of the existing mangrove line, and forcing an increase in the sedimentation rate.





 Mangrove replanting at Sungai Chenaam, Pulau Pinang