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Client Charter

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We will provide professional and quality engineering expertise services in planning, design and implementation of programs for water resources and hydrology, flood, river, coastal and drainage management using the integrated river basin management (IRBM) approach. Our services are based upon best engineering practices with regard to water security, environmental sustainability, economy and social.



  • Provide initial feedback on any public complaints and enquiries through JPS Careline 1-300-80-1010 regarding the issues of floods, river, coastal and drainage in two (2) working days and to provide feedback on solution within fifteen (15) working days
  • Provide flood forecasting and warning for monsoon flood in 2 days lead time via Public Infobanjir website for available  flood forecast river model.
  • Provide complete technical review of the complete EIA application, land development and reclamation for residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors within twenty- eight (28) working days.
  • Supply hydrological data within seven (7) working days.
  • Complete development project that meets the quality within optimal duration and cost.
  • Ensure viability of access to JPS portal at 95%.